Self-stick note

The self-stick note is a piece of paper coloured usually squared with a low-tack adhesive band on the back side. Self-stick note was invented on 1974 by Arthur Fry, thanks to an accidental creation of a "low-tack, reusable, pressure-sensitive adhesive", as mentioned on Wikipedia, by scientist Spencer Silver. Indeed, on 1968 Dr. Silver was trying to find the formula for a super-strong adhesive, insted he invented an unusual kind of adhesive: strong enough to stick on objects but weak enough to allow an easy removal of the them from the surface where they were attached. The product is also known as post-it, that is the brand name gave by the manufacturer 3M. Now that I gave a short introduction I can go to the core of this post.

Self-stick note

A Self-stick note

Why I think self-stick note is an example of good design

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