Moka Express

The moka is one of the tool used to make a coffee at home. Moka was invented on 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti and as every good story there are some controversial issues about the inventor. Indeed it is easy to find also Luigi de Ponti associated to the creation of the object. But, actually, after many hours of research I can say that the only real inventor is Alfonso Bialetti.

A Moka Express shown Bialetti's logo laid on a wooden table

A Moka Express by Bialetti

There are many different kind of tools to make a coffee at home, such as: coffee plunger, ibriq, aeropress, hand drip coffee and much more. Among all these tools my super favorite is moka for at least 3 reasons:

Now that I gave bit of introduction let's talk about of why I think is a example of good design.

Why I think moka is an example of good design

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