80s  fashion

80s are awesome!

Hi I'm Alexandra and this is Alexandra's 80s Fashion shop in Dover specialized in 80s style. Here you can find mainly clothes and shoes for women, but also many other things flung directly from the most eclettic and elettric era that we have ever seen!
Do you feel in a 80s mood? That's great, because you know 80s are awesome and I'm here to help you! Come to my shop, take a look but especially ask me for any advice, for a specific item or wathever you need. The important thing is that has to be 80s. So now that you know the rules, let's start. I'm waiting for you!

Open Hours

Monday 1pm - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday Closed
80s ski jacket green, burgundy and blue with padded interior on an 80s pattern background


A Reebook pink shoe 80s style on an 80s pattern background


Sony Walkman 80s style grey and electric blue on an 80s pattern background


Picture with the main charachters from the tv series Stranger Things: Lucas, Will, Eleven, Mike and Dustin


Pacman icon pink with 6 light blue dots