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Hey Girls! Welcome to 80s vintage wonderland. As purveyors of all 80s pieces, we've got pieces to suit every style. Whether you love your labels or just love the unique, the weird and the wonderful, we've got something to suit you in our collection of vintage women's clothing. We are Alexandra's 80s fashion, the most supplied vintage shop in Dover.

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Product Conditions

We want you to get the most out of your vintage clothes so knowing how to care for them is essential. With the right care, storage and a bit of TLC, your vintage garments will be worn for generations to come!

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Storing vintage clothes

Some easy rules to keep in mind when you deal with vintage clothes.
Always keep your vintage garments in a dry, dust-free place away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and deterioration of fabric.
Always hang up vintage garments to dry out perspiration instead of leaving them in a hamper until wash day.
Always use wooden or padded hangers as wired hangers can ruin the fabric at the shoulders and cause rips over time.
Always fold fragile silks, knits and beaded items carefully instead of hanging them.
And last, but not the least: do not store vintage garments in plastic bags or plastic storage containers as the fabric needs to breathe.

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Washing vintage clothes

Some things to keep in mind before to wash your precious vintage clothes.
Always read the care label and follow the washing instructions when available. Always check for loose seams, holes or frays before washing to avoid damaging the garment further. Always hand wash or dry clean silk, wool, velvet and any garment with beading. Please make sure your dry cleaner is experienced in vintage fabrics. Always hang up the vintage garments on a drying rack instead of drying them in the dryer. Attempt to wash your vintage garments less to avoid damaging the garment from repeated washing.

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