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From Black Mirror to Stranger Things, why do we keep going back to the 80s?
The 1980s has become the most beloved decade on TV, with leading shows mining inspiration from its defining films. So, the reality is that 80s are back and yes, they are a trend!

A white, red and blue baseball cap used from Dustin, one of the main character of Stranger Things, a Netflix TV series

80s have always been a trend

Despite being one of the most politically and culturally reviled decades of all, even in its own time, people have been saying that the 80s are back pretty much since 12.01am on 1 January 1990. In terms of fashion and music, this has long been the case, with both industries mindlessly reviving 80s trends in an alternately nostalgic and gratingly ironic style.

In the past few years, the movie business has eagerly hitched itself to the 80s bandwagon, and announcements about upcoming remakes of classic 80s films have become as cliched as the originals often were.

A white Converse shoe used from Eleven, one of the main character of Stranger Things, a Netflix TV series laid on a colourful 80s pattern background

80s, 80s and then 80s

Let's see what an article from The Guardian website has to say about our 80s obsession.
“I think there's a lot of nostalgia from millennials because, even though we didn't live it, we experience it all the time”, says Shannon Purser, who played the archetypal 80s character of Barb in Stranger Things and was born (rather mortifyingly to those of us who can remember the 80s) in 1997. “A lot of us watch 80s movies and listen to 80s music. We like the strong bonds of friendship that were key in those movies.” For this reason, both Stranger Things and Black Mirror's San Junipero episode are not actually about the 80s at all; they're about movies from the 80s, the decade refracted through contemporary pop culture.

A shearling jacket in denim Levi's on an 80s pattern background

What's your favourite trend?

So, it' Monday night, you ordered your favourite pizza and Netflix is waiting for you. Suddenly, on your screen there's the jacket of your dream, a shearling jaket in denim.
What are you waiting for? Take a picture, a screenshot or bring me directly your computer and I'll do my best to find it. Promise.

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