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If you lived through the '80s then you, my friend, LIVED.
In hindsight the '80s were a glorious if not occasionally, repulsive decade. They had moved on from the laid back '70s yet still weren't quite ready to converge upon the power suits and much more serious time of the '90s. One thing the '80s did do though, was stamp their very unique mark upon this era.
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Sony Walkman 80s style grey and electric blue on an 80s pattern background

80s stuff & whatever

And it didn't seem to matter where in the world we grew up, we all pretty much had the same experiences.
It's almost guaranteed that you at some point during this decade, would have been seen listening to a double tape deck blasting Holiday by Madonna whilst simultaneously applying electric blue mascara and teasing the bejesus out of your hair. And there's a Polaroid picture somewhere to prove it.

A yellow and blue pair of skates 80s style on colourful 80s pattern background

Skates, Walkman and polaroid

Do you remember the day that you received your first pair of skates or your fabulous walkman?
Getting the original walkman was one of the best days of your life! And do we want to talk about the Polaroid camera?
Instant pictures. In our hands. Why did we ever think we could supersede this?

Polaroid Camera on a colourful 80s pattern background

80s were bloody awesome

I am an unashamed '80s tragic.
The entire decade wasn't just unique, it was bloody awesome and if you weren't lucky enough to be around during this time, come to my shop and let me show you what you missed out on.

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