Design process

I chose this lyric for the contrast that represents. Usually, the songs contained in Disney movies are intended for children and they communicate happinness and positive feelings. Instead, this song is really controversial, the message behind this piece is really tricky for a child, even scary. Watching this movie as an adult it's hard to believe that this is a song on a Disney cartoon that actually connects the discovery of the talent of our supercute little elephant with the accidentally drink of a bit of alcohol champagne. However, in my opinion these almost 5 minutes of pure madness are a piece of work and it's a great inspiration, for the path that I'm undertaking as a designer, how they connected the music with the illustrations.


I chose the main typeface starting from the year of production of the movie and song. Dumbo was produced in 1941, for this reason I made a research based on the most popular typefaces on 40s. Thanks to Fonts in use I came with a selection of three sans-serif fonts: Gotham, Franklin Gothic and Futura. Finally opted for this last one, because of its popularity in that time and its good readabilty. Futura is installed by default just on macOS, therefore I chose Muli that is the most similar font available on Google Fonts.

Below the list of typefaces used:

For more detail is available the font-stacks (PDF) used for this website.


To create the colour palette I started from the colours used on the cartoon and then I chose the ones that work better together and that can guarantee the best readability.

Below the list of colours used:

Inspirations & tools

Pink Elephants on Parade - video extract | YouTube

Pink Elephants gif | Tumblr

Contrast Ratio | Lea Verou

Color Name & Hue | Colblindor

@font-face generator | Transfonter