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For “Design for Web Content” I had to create a website for a hypothetical Small Business, and I decided to go for a Vintage fashion Shop based in Dover and focused on 80s style.Here the link of the first version of the website made exclusively for the desktop version just by using HTML and CSS: Small Business Website (first version).

Small Business Website (first version)

Then after learning the basics of Javascript, PHP understood the principles of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and other fundamental parts that compose a well-designed website I improved my first version arriving at the Small Business Website (second phase).

Small Business Website (second phase)
Clothes page mobile version

Below the list of what I did/improved from the first to the second version:

1. Favicon
2. SEO:

– Title (60 characters max)
– Meta description (300 characters max)
– H1
– Use Geographic position in the keywords

3. Use headings (h1, h2, h3)
4. Keywords = <strong>
5. add quality and pertinent content
6. Sitemap.xml (Google Webmaster tool)
7. Robots.txt
8. Page 404
9. Responsive Web Design
10. CSS minimise by using combinators and advanced selectors.
11. Microformats for the address
12. Images sizes (optimise the size)
13. Optimise dimensions of JS – CSS – HTML
14. do a Backup
15. add Print Style sheet (optional)
16. Validate HTML and CSS
17. Cross-Browser Check
18. Check broken links
19. Proofread = read all the content
20. Functionality Check
21. Check that the website is working without Javascript
22. Google analytics and Google Search Console

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