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Work In The Web by Mixd

Last week, from 24th to 27th January, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the third edition of “Work in the web” a workshop of three days organised by Mixd, a web agency composed by super skilled and nice people placed in Harrogate.

During the workshop I learned a lot. It was pretty intense and super helpful to understand better what I have to learn and which tools I need to use to work in the web. I took some notes and I tried to assimilate as much as possible.

Below an overview of the topics and some useful links for tools, learning material and books.

First day at Work in the Web during a presentation
UX Design – First day at Work in The Web

What an experience!

The workshop is held in Harrogate, a nice town in North Yorkshire. Mixd is based there and the workshop is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Each edition Mixd selects 10 lucky ones that have the chance to attend three days of intense learning sessions about how to work in web.

It has been three days spent learning from skilled and awesome people, passionate about their job and happy to share what they know with students, anxious to learn more. I really suggest to all the students to follow Mixd and  applicate on Work in the Web website for the next workshop available (probably on December).


Second day at Work in the Web

First day

  • Workflow, tools and process
  • Design for web (typography, colour, patterns and grids)
  • UX Desing
  • Responsive Design

Second day

  • How Mixd works
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • Advanced CSS
  • CSS preprocessor (SASS)

Third day

  • Version Control
  • Untangling JavaScript
  • Workshop (recap of all the topics covered)
  • Q + A Session


 Third day at Work in the Web during a workshop session
Third day at Work in the Web

Teaching Resources

On the Mixd’s Github account is possible to find tools, learning materials and exercises for the following topics:

Go to the teaching section of Mixd’s Github account

Where to learn


Mixd Contacts


And at the end of the workshop we also received a bag full of gadgets and books. Isn’t it amazing? <3

Gadgets and books kindly offered from: Mixd, Shopify and Smashing Magazine <3