What I learned this week


A super quick overview on what I learned this week.

1. First HTML lesson: it is all about <tag>

If I have to explain what is a tag to my granma I would say: tag is like a brick for a home or even better it is like a bone for a human body.

A set of tags creates HTML that is the skeleton of a web page.


2. Elements

An opening tag and a closing tag create together an element.


3. Close tags

Always remember that each element has to be closed with the magic “/” in the closing tag.

<p>I’m a paragraph</p>

Otherwise the god of web will judge you!

4. target=”_blank” story of a controversial attribute

Firstly, what is an attribute? Attribute add some information to an element, for example target attribute says where to open a link. Adding the value _blank the link will open in a new window of the browser. Now, go back to the point, usually when there is a link to an external source we are used to click and see another tab of the browser open next. Well, you know what? That’s bad. Kaboom!


Because by using _blank we are taking a choise instead of the user, maybe the user prefers to stay in the same window of the broser.


(yeah I know)

In conclusion target=”_blank” is a bad practice, so don’t use it.

Otherwise the god of web will judge you.

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