Three examples of good websites

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Here we are. Today I’m going to list 3 examples of good websites and for each one I’ll give a brief description and all the reasons that drive me to chose them. I tried to pick examples from different market.

Are you curious?

Great! Below my selection in order of preference:

  1. Netflix
  2. Fines online
  3. Sketch

1. Netflix

Netflix Home - full page
Click to see the full Home Page is a website for home entartainment. Users can watch movies, series and documentaries in streaming by subscription. Below I describe the pros of the public website, accessible without login, although the area riserved just for subscribers is well deisgned as well.

Why I think is an example of good website

Home Page

  • Logo: moderate size, visible, placed where the user is used to see it
  • Call to action: the thing most visible is the main purpose for both, users and company: subscribe the service.
  • Color selection: good color selection, the main color is red that usually is used in entertainment context and to ask for an action. In this case the action is to join the service.
  • No distractions: in the firts viewport there are just two buttons: the big one is to join the service and the small oneis  to login. That’s it.
Tab menu - first step
Tab menu
  • Tab Menu: by scrolling the page there is a tab menu with three main answers/features connected to this kind of service: No commitments – Cancel online at any time, Watch anywhere, Pick your price. In each tab there are: a clear and short description and a big, red call to action.
  • Mouseover on the menu item to guide user during the navigation
Netflix footer
  • Footer: less important links are visible on the footer.

Subscription process

First step of registration on Netflix
First step of registration
  • Designed to guide the user during all the subscription process
  • Subscription in 3 steps
    • for each step there are: short title, clear and short description and big red call to action
    • indication of the subscription status “STEP 1 OF 3”
Registration first step - detail
First step of registration – detail
  • Good hierarchy of contents: from the main message “Chose your plan” to the detail “Chose a plan that’s right for you”.

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2. Fines online

Fines onine home page
Click to see the full Home page


Fines online is the the website where to find, pay and ask information about fines received in the state of Victoria (Australia). Yes, I know it’s not a famous brand neither a funny blog about kittens, but if I think that is a good website also after paied a fine, well probably the web designer has done a good job! 🙂

Why I think Fines Victoria website is an example of good website

Home Page

Search bar
Search bar
  • Page title: “Pay your fine” is a message very clear, it goes directly to the point. It is impossible to get confused.
  • Search bar: on the home page there is the most important, useful and sad tool that a user is looking for in a website like this: the searching bar to pay online the fine
  • Suggestions: “Don’t want to pay online?” or the “?” in the search bar are very useful suggestions places exactly where you need.
What's the cost of not paying?
What’s the cost of not paying?
  • Home Page box: on right side of the Home there is the big question that all of the users are asking in their criminal mind “What’s the cost of not paying?” and by inserting the number of the fine it’s possible to have immediately the answer.
Main navigation menu
Main navigation menu
  • Main Navigation Menu: on the top right there is the main menu where is possible to find more information or specific options. It’s easy to find it, few and short menu items, good contrast between the color of the letters and of the background
Second navigation menu
Second navigation menu
  • Second Navigation Menu: by scrolling the page it’s possible to see the second navigation menu with the most frequent actions connected to a fine. The options are the same listed on the first item menu on top.

In general

  • Mouseover: clear mouseover on the link
  • Page lenght: short page, no long scrolling page and Return to the top button
  • Return to the top: quick way to jump on top of the page
  • Colour selection: great colour selection, mainly blue, appropriate to contents: serious, institutional. It also transfers relaxing and calm, both important when it’s time to pay a fine.
  • Typograph: clear, good choise of size dimension

Internal page

Internal page
Click to see the full internal page
  • Title: is big and clear to tell immediately at the user where is and  what is the main action.
  • Brief description: under the title there is a brief and clear description
  • Button: it points the user directly to the needed service.


Mobile Home page
Click to see the full mobile home page


  • Hamburger menu: to show the main navitagion menu with search bar included
  • Phone icon: placed on the header for a quick contact with customer service
  • Home page box: easy solution to fix the home page box “What’s the cost of not paying” in just a link
  • Your options link: to guide users in the navigation of website



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3. Sketch

Sketch home page
Click to see the full Home page is a product website for a vector images software created by Bohemian Coding on 2010.

Why I think is an example of good website

Sketch Home Page Home Page
  • Logo: moderate size, visible, placed where the user is used to see it
  • Menu: Upper/Lower case with “Free Trial” highlighted
  • Main information are immediately visible
  • Call to action: clear and visible
  • Colour Selection: blue for the background of the first viewport making a good contrast with the orange of the buttons and withe background for the rest of the page dividing the main message from the details
  • Typograph: clear, good choise of size dimension
Sketch footer footer
  • Footer: with the sitemap where are visible also the less important links.

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