Seminar: Responsive Images

Responsive Images: what are the options?

When I started to research this topic the first question that came in my mind was: well, I know how it looks like the first web page ever, but I have no idea of the first image ever appeared on the web. So, I asked my best friend Search Engine, and as always it helped me to find the right answer. Below is the first photo on the web.

Les Horribles Cernettes – The first photo on the web

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Work In The Web – 3 days workshop

Mixd logo in white attached on a red wall

Work In The Web by Mixd

Last week, from 24th to 27th January, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the third edition of “Work in the web” a workshop of three days organised by Mixd, a web agency composed by super skilled and nice people placed in Harrogate.

During the workshop I learned a lot. It was pretty intense and super helpful to understand better what I have to learn and which tools I need to use to work in the web. I took some notes and I tried to assimilate as much as possible.

Below an overview of the topics and some useful links for tools, learning material and books.

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